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Get Started with Dancebox


Dancebox is the first public Tanssi TestNet, allowing teams to onboard and get their Appchains up and running in minutes.

To get an Appchain deployed as a ContainerChain through Tanssi, after getting the required tokens, just follow the registration steps in the Dapp.

Get TestNet Tokens

You can request DANCE tokens by completing a form on the Tanssi network website and providing basic information and your Substrate-based address. Within one business day, you'll receive DANCE tokens for testing.


DANCE tokens have no value. Please don't submit unnecessary requests.

Network Endpoints

Dancebox has two types of endpoints available for users to connect to: one for HTTPS and one for WSS.

Block Explorers

For Dancebox, you can use the following block explorer:

Support for additional block explorers is in the works and as more explorers support Dancebox, this section will be updated accordingly.

Last update: January 16, 2024
| Created: December 7, 2023