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Upgrade Your Node Running via Systemd


Keeping your node up-to-date is an important part of being a Tanssi block producer node. Not only does it help to ensure that your block producer node stays healthy, it also contributes to keeping the entire Tanssi network running smoothly. Tanssi block producers can subscribe to GitHub notifications to be alerted for new client release versions.

This tutorial covers upgrading your Tanssi block producer node that was configured using Systemd. It assumes you have already set up your account and launched a block producer node using Systemd.

Upgrading Your Systemd Node

If you're running your block producer node via the Systemd service, you'll need to take a few steps to properly upgrade your node. In short, you'll need to stop the service, replace the Tanssi binary with the updated version, and then start the service.

You can stop your Tanssi Systemd service with the following command:

systemctl stop tanssi.service

Then, navigate to the directory where your Tanssi binary is stored and remove it.

cd /var/lib/tanssi-data

Your Tanssi binary file will most likely be named tanssi-node. If not, you can replace tanssi-node below with the correct name of your Tanssi binary file.

rm tanssi-node

To download the latest release and change permissions on it so the Tanssi service can use it, run the following command that corresponds to your environment:

wget && \
chmod +x ./tanssi-node
wget -O tanssi-node && \
chmod +x ./tanssi-node
wget -O tanssi-node && \
chmod +x ./tanssi-node

You can restart your Tanssi Systemd service with the following command:

systemctl start tanssi.service

The node will resume syncing blocks from where it left off when the Systemd service was stopped. To verify that it is running correctly, you can use the following command to check the logs:

systemctl status tanssi.service

And that's it! You've successfully upgraded your Tanssi node.

Subscribe to Release Notifications

You can subscribe to email notifications of new releases by clicking Watch on the Tanssi GitHub repo and selecting Custom notifications and checking the box for Releases.

Last update: April 1, 2024
| Created: March 20, 2024